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Skywell is a pioneering manufacturer of electric vehicles, known for its advanced technology and stunning designs. Legend Motors is the sole dealer of Skywell vehicles in Dubai, offering the latest in electric vehicle technology to environmentally conscious customers. The range of Skywell vehicles includes electric buses, vans, and cars, each designed to meet the specific needs of customers while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Skywell’s commercial electric buses and vans are equipped with cutting-edge features, such as regenerative braking, advanced battery management systems, and telematics technology. These features make the vehicles more efficient, environmentally friendly, and provide a more comfortable ride for passengers. Skywell’s electric cars, such as the Skywell ET5 and ET5x, are designed with modern drivers in mind, boasting advanced safety features, innovative technology, and a comfortable driving experience.


Legend Motors’ team of experts are committed to helping customers choose the right Skywell vehicle for their needs and providing ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the vehicles perform at their best. With Skywell’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, and Legend Motors’ dedication to customer satisfaction, the partnership between the two is sure to offer a transformative driving experience to customers in Dubai.