Charging Ahead: Legend Motors Group’s Legacy Meets the Future of EVs in UAE

“Empowering UAE’s Electric Vehicle Future: Legend Motors Group, a division of Legend Holding Group, ignites a new era of automotive excellence. With a storied history in export markets, local dealerships, and car rental ventures, Legend Motors Group brings a wealth of experience to the forefront.

Now, as the exclusive dealership for Skywell and Kaiyi electric vehicles, Legend Motors Group propels UAE’s automotive landscape into the future. This strategic partnership not only introduces healthy competition but also aligns seamlessly with UAE’s ambitious vision for sustainable transportation.

In sync with UAE’s commitment to sustainability, the government’s plan to establish over 1000 EV charging stations by 2025 is a promising step towards an eco-friendly horizon. Legend Motors Group’s decisive foray into the EV market not only mirrors the nation’s aspirations but also mirrors the dynamic presence of Chinese automakers in the Middle East.

Witness the fusion of legacy and innovation as Legend Motors Group leads the charge in shaping the electric vehicle narrative in UAE. A journey that blends years of industry expertise with the promise of a cleaner, greener future.”

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